Alternate History Fiction

What would have happened if the pilgrims had never landed in America? What would have happened if Germany had won World War II? What if the individuals convicted in the Salem witch trials were witches who resurrected for vengeance? Alternate history novels delve into "what if" scenarios, providing readers with a new perspective on the past and sometimes even the present.

What is Alternate History?

It is also referred to as alternative history, allohistory (another history), althist, or abbreviated as AH. It is a subgenre of speculative fiction in which one or more historical events unfold differently. These narratives often include "what if" scenarios at pivotal periods in history and offer alternative conclusions to those documented in the historical record.

It has also been categorized as a subgenre of science fiction, literary fiction, or historical fiction; works in this subgenre may include elements from any or all of these genres.