Developing A Writer's Voice

Reading a Hemingway novel, you will immediately recognize it as one by his candid, unvarnished language, which has become associated with his name. Similarly, any other literary greats would qualify. That is because they have developed a strong, distinctive voice that distinguishes their work from that of other writers or authors.

Your writer's voice is a technical term that refers to your writing style, viewpoint, syntax, tone, vocabulary, punctuation, and topics. However, it is much more than that. It is your perspective on the world and how you convert that perspective into writing. You are condensing your essence onto the pages.

Every writer or author, regardless of the medium, has a writing voice. Voice pervades writing; it can be felt how your story is constructed, and the methods feelings and meaning are created. Your tales will shine and take on a life of their own when you have a solid writing voice.

Creating A Writer's Voice