Differences of Long Run Printing, Short-Run Printing, and Print-on-Demand

Finally, your book is ready for publication. You have spent months or years laboring over your material and selecting the right design flourishes that proclaim "this is my book." Now comes one of the most thrilling selections- the moment in which your book becomes a tangible object that you can touch in your hands. You currently have a material that you can proudly display and proclaim, "I created this." Let us work together to make it a reality.

Throughout the publication process, many choices must be taken into account. When it comes to publishing your book, another issue will arise. Three (3) printing methods are available in terms of volume: long-run printing, short-run printing, and print-on-demand (POD) printing; each method has its benefits and drawbacks, and each will complement the marketing and sales tactics you use. Consider each of the following options:

Short-Run Printing