Things to Consider When Self-Publishing

Self-publishing your book is a big step to take. Before having your book self-published, you need to pay attention to some things.

Here are the things you need to consider when self-publishing:

1. Market Research

As an author, you need to be aware of the demographics of your readers. It will give you an awareness of what would be the possible means or the better way of marketing your book.

2. Research Standard and Distribution Methods

Determine what would be the best method of raising awareness to your readers. Will your readers prefer to have a print version of your book, or prefer to have the eBook? You can also search if you prefer your book to be available on online websites (Amazon, Kindle, Goodreads, etc.).

If you opt to choose a print version of your book, identify what would be the appropriate trim size of your book. For eBook, do you want the EPUB (electronic publication) or MOBI (Mobipocket) formats?

3. Manuscript Format and Proofreading