Tips in Creating A Great Author Platform

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

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Every author or writer desires and requires a great author platform: the ability to reach readers via their name, reputation, or relationships. Without an outlet, self-publishing writers would struggle to reach a large audience- and those seeking a conventional book contract will face an uphill battle, particularly in nonfiction, where platforms reign supreme.

You no longer need to be a superstar to start a publishing career; most authors or writers begin small and gradually expand their audience. Blueprint Press Internationale has assisted tons of first-time authors in publishing their works, and in this post, we'll provide tried-and-true strategies for growing any author's or writer's platform.

Mailing List

A newsletter or a mailing list is the most crucial tool any other author may have. It is a method for authors to connect with people who already know them or like their work. As such, it is a critical element of book promotion that you should establish as soon as possible t